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May my meditations today be centered and intentionally concentrated on the power of blessing breath.

- Master Djwhal Khul, September 23, 2017

MasterDK.com is dedicated to helping people find inner peace in a chaotic world

As we negotiate the precarious territory of the 21st century, the wisdom of a Master Teacher can provide invaluable help and inspiration. Kathlyn Kingdon has been sharing the timeless wisdom of “The Tibetan” with the world since 1983.

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An Aquarian Call to Awaken

A broad view of the lessons of the world today, treating the state of Earth’s throat chakra, the widespread suffering in the global family, and the illusion of separation that masks the real issue of our time: unity. Have we used religion to avoid directly encountering the Divine, or social activism to avoid true involvement, or technology to avoid facing human limitations?

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Our Gift to You

Kathlyn’s seamless partnership with Master Djwhal Khul, along with her consoling resonant voice, delivers a profound and clear message. A free mp3 recording of a special meditation to aid humanity at this time of chaos and transition is offered here. It uses the imagery of a five-tiered pagoda, which is an ancient feng shui tool for alleviating negative, chaotic, or destructive energy. May this meditation bless all who practice it.

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Shreem Brizee


Tibetan Buddhists believe that spinning mantras on traditional prayer wheels have the same benefits as orally reciting prayers. We invite you to select a mantra. As the prayer wheel spins, sense the mantra's energy permeating your consciousness, and then being sent out to the world through you.

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"Abundance flows from the throne of the Divine."

Associated with the Goddess Lakshmi, this mantra acts as a powerful invocation for an abundant life, including prosperity, health, greater opportunities, and general good fortune.

“The jewel of the lotus descends to the heart.”

An invocation applied to open the heart, deepen and expand heart consciousness, and progress into full enlightenment.

“With bowed heart I go to Lord Ganesha, requesting that all obstacles be removed from the path before me."

Associated with the Hindu Deity Ganesha, this mantra is used as an invocation to remove obstacles and manifest good beginnings and favorable circumstances for a project or intention.