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Whatever Happened to the New Age?

Whatever Happened to the New Age?

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In this new book Master offers practices that help to  move analytical mind aside so we can draw instead upon the capacities of contemplative mind. He offers contemplative exercises to help us subdue the untamed mind that causes us such suffering and allows it to rest in the vast sea of calm and abiding peace.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Aquarian Spiritual Inheritance
Chapter 2: The Passage of Ages
Chapter 3: A New Variation on an Old Theme
Chapter 4: Old Karma in a New Age
Chapter 5: Transformation and the Framework of Time
Chapter 6: Stabilizing Inner Peace
Chapter 7: Embodying Contentment and Engaged Neutrality
Chapter 8: Making a Radical Shift
Chapter 9: The Chakras and the Evolution of Consciousness
Chapter 10: Awakening the Aquarian Heart
Chapter 11: Evolving the Aquarian Head Center
Chapter 12: The Ego’s Jihad vs. the Soul’s Liberation
Chapter 13: Morphogenetic Fields, Karma, and the Playing Out
of Cause and Effect
Chapter 14: Spiritual Evolution: Scope and Process
Chapter 15: Mystical Aliveness
Chapter 16: Enlightenment
Chapter 17: Generating Insight
Chapter 18: Reclaiming What Was Lost
Chapter 19: The Human as Prototype for Future Earth Dwellers
Chapter 20: Healing Earth via a New Mythology
Chapter 21: What Mythos is the Cosmos Revealing?
Chapter 22: Awakening to Cosmic Pattern and Process
Chapter 23: The Ocean Slips into the Dewdrop (and other Mysteries)
Chapter 24: A Spiritual Paradigm Shift

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