Whatever Happened to the New Age?

"This wise and generous Ascended Master shares with us the way to break the habits of thinking and reacting which keep us from realizing our Enlightened state. He paints an incredible Cosmic picture that I could feel expanding my consciousness to every higher levels. I highly recommend this book."
Barbara Rush, New Jersey


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A Guidebook for Enlightenment

In this extraordinary book, Master Djwhal Khul traces humanity's karmic history through
the Piscean Age and lays out the potentialities that this New Age is offering. He challenges
spiritual aspirants to release the power-over mentality of the Piscean Age and collectively
co-create the Aquarian Age. This requires a radical spiritual paradigm shift of both the
personal and planetary transformation that mystics and luminaries have long foretold.
Master offers ancient wisdom practices set in the context of these contemporary times that
help one’s contemplative mind generate insights that can bring about the desired mystical
aliveness on a path to enlightenment. Healing earth and her inhabitants necessitates a new
Cosmic mythos. The conflicting forces of these two ages may be just what propels this shift
for our next leap in consciousness. If you’re feeling the need for some Divine guidance for
navigating your spiritual path in this New Age, this book is for you.

Master's Wisdom: “As planetary citizens and evolutionary agents for the Aquarian Age, humans will need to elevate to new heights all the clarity, insight, and wisdom garnered from the prior age if they are to actually create a new paradigm.”

Book authors Kathlyn Kingdon and Djwhal Khul

Authors Bios

After 40 years of plane-to-plane partnering, the spiritual connection of Kathlyn Kingdon and Master Djwhal Khul delivers timely and pertinent assistance for spiritual aspirants around the world. She has led hundreds of meditation retreats across the U.S., Europe, Russia, and India. Kathlyn founded The Rocky Mountain Esoteric School, which has offered online spiritual courses for the past decade. She’s also the author of Matter of Mind: An Explorer’s Guide to the Labyrinth of the Mind which is available on this site as are hundreds of other profound spiritual teachings in the form of audio lectures, meditations, transcripts, and videos. Besides being an exquisite author, Kathlyn is also an accomplished conductor, composer, lecturer, and psychotherapist.

Known affectionately as “the Tibetan,” Ascended Master Djwhal Khul is one of the planetary Wisdom Masters, well known to spiritual aspirants around the world. As a master teacher, he imparts timeless truths from many spiritual traditions in contemporary terms and generously graces all his beloved students with his profound wisdom and sincere compassion. The depth of his priceless teachings challenges the mind and touches the soul. Master DK’s teachings, combined with his humor and storytelling skills, offer pristine clarity for spiritual seekers. He is incredibly present, articulate, and profound at speaking to students’ deepest questions even if they’re not spoken.Being in His presence offers comfort, invokes insight, and enhances the expansion of one’s energy fields.

Praise for: “Whatever happened to the New Age engages us in a soul-searching analysis of human evolution in the light of our transition - the first conscious one in human history - from the Piscean into the Aquarian Ages. Highlighting the baggage, we have inherited from past ages, it gives us the vision to make the necessary choices we need if we are to cut through our present chaos and achieve our dream of a new age. This engrossing text is both compelling and enlightening throughout.”
Eugene Risi, Verona, Italy

Whatever Happened to the New Age?

“This book is dedicated to spiritual aspirants the world over who are committed to blazing the
trail into the Aquarian Age, and doing so with clear purpose and dedicated commitment to the
evolution of human consciousness. That may sound a bit grandiose, and yet, without such
deeply held purpose and dedication, the unfolding journey of evolution will surely require more
time. Indeed, the transition from Patriarchal war values into the field of higher Aquarian wisdom
will surely be a remarkable one. For those who choose to take responsibility for being the
change they want to see in the world, this is a time of great opportunity and potential healing.
This healing is much needed since many of the wounds inflicted in the prior age are still
bleeding in the torn collective psyche of humanity. Indeed, entrance into the Aquarian Age
must not be taken frivolously, nor should the very real wounds trying to heal from past injuries
be ignored. Their healing is not only a process of the greater Aquarian “We,” but an individual
journey for all who, by answering the Aquarian call, commit to healing themselves.”