Master Djwhal Khul

Master Djwhal Khul

A Master Teacher in every respect, Djwhal Khul is recognized as one of the Great Masters of Wisdom and Compassion. Dedicated to helping all beings achieve inner peace, he teaches that enlightenment will be experienced as a group process in this New Age. Drawing on the collective wisdom of many spiritual traditions, Master DK is a captivating storyteller who powerfully illuminates important spiritual truths. His students come away with a profound appreciation for his vastness, depth, and clarity.

To prepare spiritual aspirants throughout the world for the coming planetary initiation, Master DK undertook a three-part series of teachings starting with the work of Madam Blavatsky from 1875-1890. Her book based on his teachings, The Secret Doctrine, revolutionized spiritual thought of the day.

The second phase of preparation was undertaken during a thirty-year commitment (1919-1949) through Alice Bailey who faithfully transmitted Master DK’s teachings by publishing many seminal books which are still in print today. In this work, Master DK gave detailed information for the foundation of what he termed “The New Age.”

Through Alice, Master DK predicted a third phase of more advanced teaching which would begin after 1975 and continue into the twenty-first century via modern media. He said the advanced teachings would at first attract only a small group, eventually expanding throughout the world.

"The advanced school will be far from the crowded places of the earth and preferably in a mountainous region… the mountains will imbue the advanced student with cosmic strength and will hold steadily before him/her the thought of the Mount of Initiation which he/she aims soon to tread." (Letter on Occult Meditation, pp. 312-3)

With the profound importance of our current times, Master DK has said that he is once again calling forth many of his students. As a Teacher, he has the exceptional ability to speak to the deepest questions of each person, and to support and inspire their unique Divine potential.

Kathlyn Kingdon

Kathlyn Kingdon

Founder of Creative Directions, Vajra Flame Foundation, Rocky Mountain Esoteric School, co-founder of Madison Street Counseling Center, Women’s Mysteries Tours, and the Rocky Mountain Enneagram Center, Kathlyn is a true renaissance woman. Her achievements hold distinction across multiple fields including teaching, music, writing, counseling, consulting, and business. Through her seminars, retreats, and pilgrimages throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and India, Kathlyn has students around the world.

In addition to her excellence as a best-in-class voice channel, Kathlyn’s list of worldly accomplishments is extensive. She was the first woman to graduate from the University of Colorado’s School of Music with a Master’s degree in choral conducting and was featured as the only woman conductor in the Denver Symphony Orchestra’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. She is a board-certified clinical hypnotist with advanced training in Transpersonal Psychology, neo-Reichian work, and Enneagram studies, and has led workshops on group process, optimal human functioning, and the Sacred Feminine.

Kathlyn has authored numerous articles on various topics, including legalism in religion, quantum physics in the field of psychotherapy, and the dimension of the sacred feminine in personal development. Additionally, she served as editor for the publications The Journal of Giftedness and Gifted Education. She has been a keynote speaker at the International Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, England, at the International Summit of World Healers in Monterey, California, and at the International Conflict Resolution Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 1983, Kathlyn embarked on a life-long commitment with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul to bring forth his third major dispensation of Wisdom Teachings. Trained as a concert vocalist, Kathlyn has a captivating voice that beautifully expresses the energy of Master DK’s words. Together they have created a collection of profound teachings offering elucidation and guidance on vitally important topics for personal spiritual development and planetary service.

In addition to their extensive library of voice channelings and transcripts, Kathlyn’s published works with Master DK include: the books The Matter of MindRecreating the Energy Body, and The Little Contemplation Book; personal development courses Burning KarmaThe Great Awakening, and Mastering the Mystery of Recession-Proofing Your Mind; and, meditation collections Daily MeditationsMeditations for Awakening, and Sacred Sounds.

What is an Ascended Master?

What is an Ascended Master?

Ascended Masters are traditionally held to have been spiritual adepts formerly embodied on Earth who, through rigorous spiritual transformation and metamorphosis over lifetimes, gained mastery over the material realm. This achievement is generally considered to be the complete and permanent act of union with the Divine. Having attained the spiritual wisdom and physical mastery required, an Ascended Master has no further need of a physical body and continues to evolve as a Cosmic Being.

Through proper living, study, and spiritual practices, Ascended Masters ultimately embody utter purity in not only the physical body, but in the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. Through acquired spiritual alchemy, they elevate themselves to such a high vibration that they need not experience death in the conventional sense. In biblical times, this was sometimes referred to as “transfiguration” or “translation” into another dimensional plane, and is commonly recognized by Theosophists and early New Age spiritualists as the Sixth Initiation.

While much dogma has been generated about what constitutes ascension—and who may qualify as an Ascended Master—when compared to the human condition, these Masters have become God-like and offer a source of unconditional, divine love to all living beings. Indeed, they serve as Teachers from the realms of Spirit, pointing the way for humans to accomplish their supreme evolutionary potential.

While Ascended Masters are traditionally said to comprise the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth, perhaps a new designation is needed as humanity enters the Aquarian Age. Master DK has noted that the idea of hierarchy stems from a patriarchal model, and while serving the collective understanding in the Piscean Age, patriarchal institutions are now slated for redefinition.

Spiritual tips

Spiritual tips

One of the basic tenants of spiritual accomplishment is something called “seva” in the East, or “service” in the West. More than a list of specific acts performed, the notion of seva is the condition of giving from an open heart. Master DK has taught for years about the grace and merit that is beautifully accumulated with the offering of seva.

Not only does seva benefit where it is specifically applied, it facilitates the work of the Masters and blesses the one who offers the seva. Those who serve others with a grateful heart free themselves from the dictates of the lower self, which always puts its own needs above the needs of others. In other words, practicing seva is a time-tested method of dissolving selfishness. Everyone is encouraged to actively offer seva in every moment of their lives.

A daily spiritual practice is basic for all spiritual growth and development. It is valuable for purifying heart and mind, elevating the emotional body, and ultimately, awakening to the True Nature of everything. While a simple formula may not address the specific growth needs of every person, a number of practices have been shown to be helpful for spiritual aspirants over the past several millennia. Below are our suggestions.

Set aside a period of at least 20-30 minutes for your spiritual practice. As you mature spiritually, you will likely expand the length of your practice sittings. While one practice period per day should be considered the basic minimum, you will find it beneficial to practice at least two times a day, perhaps once in the morning and once in the evening. If two sittings are not possible for you, then always do at least one each day.

To establish a pattern of regularity, sit (or practice) at the same time and in the same place. Create your own “sacred space” and fill it daily with your intentions for purified thoughts, speech, and actions. Enjoy the elevated ambiance you create in your special place of spiritual practice.

You may choose to begin your practice with prayers. These may be prayers written out or prayers offered directly from your heart. Use a prayerful mind to connect with the universe, the spiritual plane, and all other sentient beings.

In your meditation, you may focus on a specific theme or question, use mantra or chanting, simply sit fully conscious in silence, or use specific visualizations you have found to be particularly helpful. Visualization on health and healing, on increasing the light you carry in your body/mind, or cutting through specific obstacles that arise upon your path can all be helpful and effective.

After sitting practice, it is helpful to close with a short period of stretches, since physical stretching helps one actualize the mental expansion gained in meditation. Walking meditation is also beneficial, since the benefits of meditation are transferred into the physical cells.

Yoga is also a useful avenue for spiritual practice. Before starting physical movement or assuming a particular yoga posture, bring your mind fully into the present moment. Create total awareness of your body, and maintain it as you move into stretches and take yoga postures. Remember, yoga is meditation, not physical exercise.

It is a good idea to close your practice time with a specific dedication. You may dedicate the merits of your practice to a specific cause or situation, or you may simply dedicate them to the benefit of all beings. In either case, you establish a connection between yourself, your progress, and your focus on a much bigger picture.