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The Matter of Mind

The Matter of Mind

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In this remarkable book, Master Djwhal Khul lays out the dimensions of the mind in a coherent presentation unlike any other available today. Whether you approach the mind from a psychological basis, a spiritual perspective, or simply want fuller disclosure of how it perceives and creates, this book will provide amazing insights.

You will discover why those who have attained enlightenment all teach the critical necessity of training the mind as the only means to achieving lasting peace.

In collaboration with Kathlyn Kingdon, Master Djwhal Khul reveals that the keys to happiness lie within each of us, buried beneath our conditioning and false beliefs, which we mistake for reality.

Using this masterful guide, you will discover the importance of dissolving limiting emotional patterns and cutting through the web of illusion, which has held you prisoner in a cage of repeating patterns.

The Matter of Mind is an inspiring and lucid treatise created to help you navigate the labyrinth of your mind and open to the experience of your enlightenment. Published in 2007, it is hard to imagine reading this classic only once.

Chapter Titles:

  • Mind as Tyrant
  • Mind as Creator
  • Karma and the Mind
  • How Karma Works
  • Mind as Liberator
  • Working with the Mind
  • From Emotional Reactivity to Enlightenment
  • Assembling the Puzzle
  • Death and the Mind
  • Where is the Mind
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