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Escape from the Madding Crowd

Escape from the Madding Crowd

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Six Teachings on working with the mind!

A compendium text to Master’s book, The Matter of Mind, this text opens the door to awakening by exploring the many faces of the ego and learning to skillfully convert problems into opportunities.  While this shorter text can certainly stand alone, those seeking to distill the deeper essence of The Matter of Mind will surely find this little book a “must read.”

Table of Contents
Part I
“Where’s the War” (Darshan Talk, 2022)
“Where’s the War” (Monthly Teaching, 1999)
Part II
“Who’s in Control?” (Darshan Talk, 2022)
Introduction to 2006 Teaching 37
“Minding the Mind” (Monthly Teaching, 2006)
Part III
“The Great Escape” (Darshan Talk, 2022)
“The Great Escape” (Monthly Teaching, 2003)

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