Mission for a New Age - May Recommended Teaching

Divine greetings to all as we, collectively, celebrate the arrival of a new month. As those of us in the northern hemisphere find ourselves enthralled by the beauty and fullness of Spring, may we truly celebrate the mystery and mastery of the rotating seasonal process. Indeed, may we all embody the radical joy this season presents, with its infinite blossoming!

Master has chosen a really powerful teaching for this month: Mission for a New Age, which He originally offered as a teaching for October of 2015. This is an amazing teaching, and in re-reading it so as to be able to write this brief description, I was intrigued by both the great privilege and the consequential magnitude of creating well this new age. As Master often reminds us, we are “the fortunate ones,” and this is true even if we do not truly feel up to the task of bringing forth a new astrological age. Indeed, it is a big job.

On the very first page of the transcript, Master challenges us to “open [our] eyes,” and to “take a good look at the wide array of messes human evolution to date has evoked.” Master assures us that in this astrological age, our attention will be increasingly drawn to the global scenario, and he reconfirms that “this process of distilling a new age is a WE project,” as well as also being a process of the Divine Feminine. He notes that “a new reality is trying to be born,” and that “no singular ‘I’ can give birth to this infant; it can only be delivered from the WE.”

This lecture could actually be a chapter from His new book. While Master notes that there is a price to be paid for the privilege of being awake, in the long run, 
" it is better to pay that price and have your eyes wide open than to be gripped in the paralysis of an unconscious trance. After all, these are evolutionary times, and none who choose to remain asleep will get to experience transformation."

While I know several pod groups have already embarked upon tackling the Master’s new book, He has asked me to make a special request on His behest. He would like, insofar as it is workable, for pods to approach this teaching as a group exercise to harvest the gems of this teaching. I think it will become immediately obvious why He selected this teaching to grace the month following His book launch. 

image of the book -Whatever happened to the New Age?

For students not associated with a pod at this time, it would be most beneficial to share this teaching with at least one other person so there can be an exchange of ideas and a sharing the insights that arise from encountering this teaching.

Truly, we are in a precious time. However, it is also a precious time, and whenever was the collective contributions of serious spiritual aspirants ever more needed?

Walk in peace,

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