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Personal Sessions

In ancient spiritual traditions, the power of the direct energetic transmission from Teacher to student was recognized as the single most transformative experience available to an aspirant. For many today, a private session with Master DK proves to be exquisitely profound and often life altering.

Sessions are offered via telephone and run approximately 50 minutes. An MP3 recording of the session will be sent to you via e-mail. A single session costs $175. Discounted 3-packs and 5-packs are offered in the drop-down menu below the single session price in the first box. No addition discounts are offered on the already discounted 3-packs and 5-packs. You can book the date and time of your first personal session in the Date and Time boxes provided. If you purchase a 3-pack or 5-pack, email admin@masterdk.com to book additional sessions.

Note: All times listed below are in Mountain Standard Time. Please convert times to your local time zone. Here is a link to a time converter to calculate the time difference: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

Standard disclaimer: a personal session with Master DK should not be construed as professional advice for medical, psychotherapeutic, financial, or legal matters.


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Workshops & Retreats

Designed as an accessible format for gaining spiritual instruction and clarified focus, workshops offer participants the opportunity to directly experience the wisdom of Master DK in a one- or two-day time frame.

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For centuries, most spiritual traditions have recognized Spiritual Retreats as uniquely beneficial. In this time-honored practice of spiritual deepening, one may discover that leaving the routine of normal life is a regenerative experience. Master DK retreats typically span several days.

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Upcoming Events

The Matter of Mind

A new Rocky Mountain Esoteric School Course

Based on Master DK’s and Kathlyn Kingdon’s profound book The Matter of Mind, this online course will offer participants a deep and probative exploration into the amazing power of the mind. Created for spiritual aspirants dedicated to cutting through the fog and illusionary influences of karma, this course is designed to illuminate the path to spiritual liberation.

  • Increase your understanding of the impact of karma on the world as you perceive it and the reality you experience
  • Learn to raise emotional reactivity into the energy of enlightenment
  • Recognize your innate creative potential to manifest a more successful life
  • Discover how the hypnotic impact of global karma lulls the mind into a sleepy stupor

Save these Dates

September 5, 2020: "Entering the Mind of the Soul"

September 19, 2020: "Non-violence and Purity of Mind"

October 3, 2020: "Transforming the MInd with Love"

October 10, 2030: “Q&A Session #1”

October 17, 2020: "Global Mind vs Luminous Mind"

October 31, 2020: "Cultivating the Mind of Bodhichitta through Relationships"

November 14, 2020: "Death Acceptance and Dissolving Mind"

November 28, 2020: “Q&A Session #2”

Price: $299

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Shreem Brizee


Tibetan Buddhists believe that spinning mantras on traditional prayer wheels have the same benefits as orally reciting prayers. We invite you to select a mantra. As the prayer wheel spins, sense the mantra's energy permeating your consciousness, and then being sent out to the world through you.

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"Abundance flows from the throne of the Divine."

Associated with the Goddess Lakshmi, this mantra acts as a powerful invocation for an abundant life, including prosperity, health, greater opportunities, and general good fortune.

“The jewel of the lotus descends to the heart.”

An invocation applied to open the heart, deepen and expand heart consciousness, and progress into full enlightenment.

“With bowed heart I go to Lord Ganesha, requesting that all obstacles be removed from the path before me."

Associated with the Hindu Deity Ganesha, this mantra is used as an invocation to remove obstacles and manifest good beginnings and favorable circumstances for a project or intention.