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Dedicated to Rose Marie Finbow

It is my hope that those of you who have read my blog account of our recent trip to Europe, have felt part of the journey, so to speak. In a few days I am going to write about my reflections on this trip including future plans to return to Europe hopefully in an organized trip where others of you could come along. However, today I want to really thank the one person who was primarily responsible for planning this trip, Rose Marie Finbow, who is on our Executive Committee.

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An endeavor like this takes months of planning. The idea was envisioned over a year ago, and active planning started several months ago. Rose Marie had a list of people in Europe who had either ordered products from masterdk.com, had a private session with Master, or who had attended one of the Rocky Mountain Esoteric School classes. She had the initiative to send e-mails to this first list saying that Master and Kathlyn wanted to come to Europe and wondered who might be interested in helping.

Rose Marie had never met any of these people nor been to their cities, nor did she know anything about where to hold workshops there, or how to advertise, or many of the little cultural nuances that one only discovers through interaction. She e-mailed, had conversations via Skype and the phone, and was very, very patient, as often the details were slow to unfold and everyone seems to have a very busy life these days.

From this beginning she cultivated several group leaders, and collaborated with them about possible events in their area and venues for these events. She “guestimated” at the time to allow in each place, and tried to figure out distances from one event to another. In some places she located people who would provide a room for Kathlyn and in others found lodging for Kathlyn, herself, and me.

She and I together worked on the transportation within an area and between countries. I rented a car in London and drove for 8 harrowing days “on the wrong side of the road” as we say in America, in England and Wales. She accompanied Kathlyn and I on this segment of the trip but was unable to continue on the rest of the trip. However, we did work together on plane flights from London to Cologne, Germany, and from Brussels, Belgium, to Iasi, Romania.

Rose Marie also wrote e-flyers for the trip for the local coordinators in Europe to advertise to prospective participants. She made sign-up sheets for contact information, and for registration for events. She worked on finding someone to serve lunch at the venue in the Netherlands. She interacted with local people about how much to charge in their area and tried to figure out how to keep this all in a budget that would make an event financially viable.

When we parted company in England, Rose Marie handed me an invaluable book, that contained lots of information about the trip. That is when I really realized all the details of what she had done, as it contained pages and pages of information.

We were roommates for most of her stay and I watched her every evening continue to send and receive e-mails about upcoming segments of our trip. I certainly enjoyed getting to know her better and really benefited from her kindness and wisdom over tea at the end of a long day. We really enjoyed each other and had lots of good laughs.

She did this mostly as a volunteer, as a very important part of her service to Master, on behalf of spreading these Teachings to Europe. I must say that right up until we were ready to leave for the trip, we had very little idea of exactly what the reception would be in any given area. We all are indebted to her tenacity and her trust.

Please take a minute from your busy schedules to thank Rose Marie for this most important work.

Thank you so very much,



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Romanian Public Television Videos Entire Workshop

Going to Romania was an act of faith for both Camilia and Kathlyn. This country has been the object of subjugation on and off for centuries and thus is trailing Western Europe economically. Also, the country is almost exclusively Eastern Orthodox which is quite a conservative and traditional religion. I don’t think any of us knew what the reception would be, but I never dreamed Kathlyn and Master would get the warm and appreciative response that they received there.

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Hats off to Camilia for pursuing the translation of The Matter of Mind through dogged determination. She came to Colorado Springs to attend our publications meeting led by Master in June, and she told me that she learned so much about His writing style that she returned home and completely started over with the Romanian translation. She also found a publisher and had set up three book opening events, in three different major cities, before our arrival in Romania.

hese events stimulated so much interest that, upon her arrival, Kathlyn was greeted by the news that 16 people wanted private sessions with Master. What struck me more than the numbers was how accomplished the people were who were taken with Master’s book. Indeed, I don’t think we have ever had such a concentrated focus of highly educated people interested in Master’s work.

For several days, I had fascinating talks with various professionals including a female electrical engineer, a woman who was the artistic director of a Romanian opera company, a man who is an MD (Rheumatologist) and holds a PhD in Medical Science, and who is a department head in the most prominent medical school. Then, there was the senior tech person who worked for Oracle’s business division, as well as several professors, three or four other M.D.s, and a dentist. Many of these people lived abroad in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the US during the time of the communist occupation, but made a decision to return to their beloved homeland, often taking tremendous pay cuts and reduced opportunity.

To accommodate the demand, Kathlyn reduced her normal fee considerably and worked late into the night. Iulian Trofin (Camilia’s partner) has had an impressive career as an international concert pianist, and now teaches piano to many appreciative students. He often has recitals at his home, where he can seat some 30, or so people. The procession of people through Camilia and Iulian’s home went on non-stop for three days, but culminated with a very spirited Evening with the Tibetan on Friday night, where the participants asked so many astute questions that we finally had to end it after 9:00 PM. Kathlyn had been working non-stop for over 12 hours!

Of special note was the attendance of one woman who had a PhD in Philosophy, with a specialization in Plato. She had given a summary presentation of The Matter of Mind at the book opening in Iasi. She was so effusive in saying that this book was so important to Romanian intellectual development. (Many of these participants traveled from different towns, anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, to attend these events. It should be noted that while Romania is not on an economic par with the E.U., gasoline prices are. This makes purchasing gasoline quite prohibitive for most folks.)

Saturday morning, Romanian public TV showed up to interview Kathlyn for a weekly show hosted by the physician I already mentioned. Dr Dan Filimon asked many astute questions but mostly saw Master’s thesis as proof of modern String Theory. I was struck by the receptivity that the intellectual elite of Romania had toward The Matter of Mind. After the interview, the TV station proceeded to film the entire workshop for re-broadcast on Romanian educational TV.

I was surprised that the Romanian publisher of Master’s book also attended the workshop on Saturday, which was entitled “The Divine Indwelling.” He presented both Kathlyn and I with a bouquet of flowers and bowed and kissed each of our hands. (I think I am moving to Romania!) He then proceeded to tell us how very important this book is and how honored he was to be chosen as the publisher.

People literally sat spell-bound as Master talked about the Divine Spark that inhabits the consciousness of each person. Camilia, seated right by Kathlyn, translated all day long. Her obvious facility with both English and Romanian was a tremendous asset. Master spoke about various states of consciousness, contemplative mind, and facilitated some deep meditation practices.

Following the workshop, Iulian had planned a special recital of his students in honor of Kathlyn’s visit. I found this to be one of the most touching moments of the whole trip, as one after another, very talented young singers and budding pianists performed for the workshop participants, as well as the parents of the students. Many of Iulian’s former students have gone on to win international competitions, and so the artistry was first class. I video-taped snippets of this performance which I hope to be able to enhance when I return to Glenwood and share with you in a few days.

It was a really full day by the time everyone had their final sweets and hugged each other good-bye. We got a short night’s sleep before rising at 3:30 am for a car ride to catch a 5-1/2 hour bus ride to Bucharest, and then take international flights to Munich and on to New York City. The trip took about 24 hours, although we “gained” seven hours of time in the process, which meant the day kept getting longer. We were thoroughly blitzed by arrival time.

I cannot end the Romanian chapter of this blog without sharing with you some observations on the outstanding efforts of Camilia and Iulian in promoting The Matter of Mind. What struck me was the fact that the people who read the book were amazed by its intellectual and scientific merits. They did not seem to be “put off” by the fact that it was “channeled” material. In fact, this gave the work extra merit. I think this was largely due to the fact that Camilia and Iulian very openly talked about its merits to such a large variety of people from the local hairdresser who came, to relatives, neighbors, and professional associates. They very gratefully received Master’s book through fresh eyes. Further, they were utterly impressed by both the book and by Master’s presentation, especially the Q and A sections of the workshop.

It is my hope, that those of us who have been lucky enough to have been exposed to this incredible material, not to mention our precious, world-class Teacher, for all these years, will do more to spread the word to a broader range of people, as I watched Camilia and Iulian do. Clearly, Master is reaching out all over the world, but for this to be effective, we must be his “arms and legs” so to speak. I think it would be such a wonderful paradigm shift, if each of us could visualize people who are eager and receptive to benefit from these powerful Teachings. May we all do our part to inaugurate this New Age, and share the incredible gift more freely with others.



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Romania - The Oldest Culture in Europe

How much do you know about Romania? It seems like all of my European history stopped with Western Europe and I am embarrassed to say that I knew very little about Eastern Europe, but that was before I encountered Camilia and Iulian on their home turf. Yesterday Kathlyn and I got the local tour from two people who are passionate about their homeland. I certainly recognized it because it is the kind of tour that I give people when they come to Colorado, as I really want them to know how great the state really is.

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It was a two hour drive from the airport to their home and so it was a good opportunity to take in the culture. Vestiges of communism are in all the cities with rows of tall high rises that are quite basic and in poor repair. There are also lots of newer industrial centers, so this is well-educated country in transition, hopefully with quite a promising future.

But let’s start with the most important part….the FOOD! Camilia has a giant garden that would rival Jeanne Franke’s in Washington State, with a bounty of vegetables, a grape arbor, and an orchard. Almost everything we have eaten is either home grown or procured from a local farmer: fresh milk, honey, more home made pastries than I ever want to admit eating, and some sort of liqueur that was offered to the pope when he came here (how could I possibly turn this down) that I cannot pronounce that is supposed to cure cancer! Indeed, eating in a small village where most of the food is raised and freshly harvested and cooked from scratch, reminds me of the food that was prepared when I was a child, but that most of us in America are quite removed from today.

Our first evening featured specially prepared local dishes and was followed by a special concert from Iulian who performed as a concert pianist all over Europe for years. The vibrancy of his playing was so exhilarating that I was actually moved to tears. After a couple of pieces, Camilia got on Skype and the next thing we saw was Andrea and Braden (Camilia’s daughter and grandson) watching the performance with us from Los Angeles. Braden is really musical and loves it when his Ba-Ba performs. Indeed the two of them seemed to have a magical connection. A few minutes later we watched YouTube performances of Iulian’s current and former piano students who are now in major conservatories throughout the world, winning international competitions. Before the evening was over I felt like the whole world was contained in their living room!

Camilia lived in California for years and Iulian lived in Italy, both with professional careers, but they both decided to return to Romania and they now live in the home that is next door to where Camilia was raised, and very close to Iulian’s mother. This is a very small village in a country that is quite rural where you still see lots of horses pulling wagons on the highway. Gypsy caravans and villages are also everywhere and many of them have not integrated into the larger culture.

The real national treasures are largely contained in an area that has many byzantine monasteries and we visited two of the most famous, one that trains women and one that trains men. They are quite alive with hundreds of inhabitants, and incredible churches and museums. The byzantine style of church is very dark with ornate gold altars, numerous frescoes, and special icons to the Virgin Mary that were being continually venerated. The outside features very large mosaics, and bulbous towers, so the structures themselves are quite exotic to the western eye. I must say that the devotional energy was quite palpable in all the centers we visited.

Finally we visited the Art Museum in Piatra Neat which featured a special exhibit on the Cucuteni Civilization which dates back to 7000 BC. We were met there by Dr. Filimon who graced us with three very large long-stemmed lavender colored roses and then gave us a private tour of the exhibition. Talk about the VIP treatment! Both Kathlyn and I were so touched by the special care that Camilia and Iulian took in providing such a special day for us.

There were so many requests for sessions with Master that we needed to return to their home so that Kathlyn could do several on Thursday evening. I, on the other hand, sat and visited with delightful people who spoke excellent English and who had been exploring the metaphysical world largely on their own and who were most eager to meet Master. I don’t recall ever eating so many delightful home made pastries!

I wish you were here with me to experience the eagerness and freshness of the Romanian people.



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Camilia Schwimmer Translates The Matter of Mind Into Romanian

Camilia, a Vajra Flame Board member, had announced that she was working on a translation of The Matter of Mind into Romanian some time ago. This seemed like an incredible undertaking to me, but when I saw her at the Publications Committee meeting recently in Colorado Springs, she told me that she had found someone to print the books and was hoping to have several book signings in various cities in Romania. It was one thing to hear this news and quite another to see the real thing!

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Kathlyn and I arrived in Romania yesterday afternoon and found out that Camilia and Iulian, her husband, had 300 copies of PROBLEMA MINTII, Un ghid de explorare a labirintului mintii printed and had already undertaken three book signings in three different towns. One person who read the book, who is both a physician and a PhD, was so impressed that he agreed to give an introduction to the book in all three locations.

The response has been so positive that over 16 people have requested private sessions with Master and lots of people have been calling yesterday and today asking for directions to the Evening With the Tibetan Friday evening and to the all day workshop on Saturday entitled The Divine Indwelling. Kathlyn barely has time to fit in so many sessions, and Camilia is working non-stop as a translator as most of these people do not speak fluent English.

The workshop on Saturday is being professionally videotaped for broadcast on public television and Kathlyn is being interviewed tomorrow evening. I hope you can feel the enthusiasm coming from this corner of the world as Master is really connecting with many of His students in Romania at this time.

Please join with me in expressing our thanks to Camilia for the brilliant translation and Iulian, who also helped with the style of the text. I hope many of you either write to express your thanks in the student center or respond to the blog article as I think they would both very much like to feel your support in the next couple of days.



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Master Speaks Through a Translator in Oss, Netherlands

It’s an amazing leap of faith to volunteer to host someone from a foreign country that you have never met for four days in your home. We were all a bit nervous to leave Anne, our incredible host in Aachen who took off the entire week, drove to Cologne to pick us up from our flight from London, and then was driving us to Oss to meet our next host. After a wrong turn or two, we pulled up to this incredible country estate which was built in 1750. It is an converted farm house that sits on acres and acres of apple and pear orchards with the River Lith flowing right in front of us. I swear it looks just like one of those Dutch master countryside paintings complete with three wonderful dogs who rule the place.

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We pulled up and out popped Agnes, a blonde Norwegian who is married to a Dutchman, Harry, who feels like an English country gentleman to me. She had a marvelous lunch waiting and three days later it feels like we have never stopped having amazing conversations with a whole variety of people who have been drawn to this segment of Master’s tour in the Netherlands.

After lunch Agnes showed us to our quarters which is a converted two story guest house with a whole wall of windows facing south looking out on a large maze with a golden Buddha in the center of it. Wow, I really couldn’t believe it!

Agnes is a very warm person who has lived all over the world at different diplomatic posts mostly in Asia working with the United Nations refugee program. She really exerted herself inviting friends and family from Amsterdam, other parts of Holland, and her daughter even flew in from London. The first evening we had our Dutch Evening with the Tibetan, and once again I was so impressed by the caliber of person who was drawn to this work. For example, one lady, an American, had worked for the Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco. Her husband headed an international foundation which pairs investors with business developers in the third world who need funding for their humanitarian endeavors.

For me a whole new dimension was introduced into Master’s work when both the evening session and the workshop in Oss was translated from English into Dutch. Once again, a most generous volunteer, named Caroline, stepped forward to do the translating. This was absolutely amazing to watch as Master and Caroline settled into a rhythm going back and forth between the languages. Since most people in the room spoke both Dutch and English, they had the benefit of hearing the Teaching twice. This whole experience really expanded my notion of taking Master’s Teachings throughout the world.

The workshop in Oss was called “Mastering Time” and it was really quite well attended with about 30 participants. It was located in a yoga center that had the most beautiful altar with lots of natural light coming through it and a beautiful golden statue of the Buddha sitting right behind Master and Kathlyn. Our Iranian friends showed up with a stunning bouquet which graced the altar.

I spent quite a bit of time talking to the director of the yoga center, who also attended the workshop. She told me that what attracted her to this particular building was that it previously had been a Carmelite Monastery for women for 70 years, and that she could feel the meditative energy in the building after they were no longer present and she thought it would be perfect for a yoga center.

Once again the participants were very attentive and seemed so eager to drink in His teachings. Master talked about the nature of time, the illusions we hold about time, and the stress many feel in relation to time. He also expanded on the differences in objective, or measurable time, and subjective time, connecting them to the notions of the ancient Greeks in separately defining Kyros and Chronos. He led the group in chanting a mantra to help us work with time, and this was perhaps the most moving part of the workshop. The group was very engaged and generated a unified field of sound and consciousness, dropping deeply into the flow of the mantra. Not surprisingly, many people asked if Master would be returning next year, in order to share His presence and energy with a larger audience.

For the last two days Kathlyn has been doing non-stop readings. Tomorrow, we bid our lovely hosts farewell, and leave this idyllic setting. We will head to Brussels by train, and then fly the following day to Romania, where we will spend several days with Camilia, who is a member of the VFF Board of Directors.



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Autumn Equinox in Aachen, Germany

I’ve never made a bucket list, but if I had one, visiting the Cathedral at Aachen, would be near the top. I learned about it over 30 years ago in Jean Houston’s Mystery School which I attended in New York. She lectured about it’s importance as the seat of the Holy Roman Empire and something in me got really activated. I searched for picture books depicting the cathedral and finally found one which was out of print. I paid a fortune for it and have treasured it ever since, but I never dreamed I would actually see this magnificent edifice.

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As luck would have it, our host in Germany lives in Aachen, in a beautiful home on the edge of the city surrounded by gardens and a large water feature. She even placed a hammock in the backyard to enhance my meditation practice! All kidding aside, I have been totally humbled by the generosity toward Kathlyn and the utter reverence for Master demonstrated on this trip.

Anne, in particular is a spectacular vegetarian cook and she fixed an assortment of fresh vegetables grown locally at an organic farm next door, at every meal. I could feel my life-expectancy increase day by day! It is apparent to me that Europeans are more conscious about their food intake than Americans, and everything is organic, fresh, and mostly locally grown.

The first evening Anna and Klaus sponsored an Evening with the Tibetan where 10 people gathered who had come from all over Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. All of them were very bright, well-educated, and spoke impeccable English. Master delivered a very profound message and the audience was literally spell-bound. Master and Kathlyn offered a day full of private sessions afterwards.

The next day Anna took us on a tour of Aachen, a medieval town with a great hot springs, and ruins dating back thousands of years. The pinnacle, however, was the great romanesque cathedral with a gothic wing built over several hundred years starting in the 8th Century. This church was the first location in Germany to be declared a World Heritage Site.

Charlemagne was crowned here in 800 (and is also buried here in a fabulous golden sarcophagus) as were over 30 kings and queens of the Holy Roman Empire over the next 600 years. Much later the entire ceiling was adorned with spectacular mosaic, with somewhat of a Persian flavor, which makes the whole thing quite a stunning and eclectic jewel.

Next door is something called the Treasury which is a collection of some of the finest medieval and renaissance art work in Europe. Outside, on delightful cobblestone streets, it feels like the whole town is sipping coffee and munching on those irresistible German torts. (Yes, we did imbibe).

Coming from a continent where English is spoken for thousands of miles, I was struck by how different one’s psyche would be if countries and languages changed within the distance of some of our smaller states. In less than 200 miles from Aachen one can travel to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France, all with distinctly different languages and cultures.

The ravages of World War I and World War II are never very far away here. For example, over 80% percent of Aachen was bombed to oblivion in both of these devastating wars. (This is apparent in the cathedral as some of the stained glass panels are by renaissance German masters and others are quite contemporary.) It is almost unfathomable to me that such destruction could take place twice in less than thirty years.

As I write this very blog article to you, I am now in Holland sitting in the most idyllic setting imaginable, looking out on a beautiful river and surrounded by apple and pear trees bending under the weight of the very ripe fruit. It is utterly peaceful. Last evening our hosts very casually mentioned that WWII was fought on this very land and they pointed out exactly where the battle had taken place.

May each and every one of us be dedicated to creating a world where differences are celebrated and where disagreements are mediated without resorting to violence.

Long live Aachen and long live our European brothers and sisters!


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Master Teaches Cardiff Theosophical Group

Every day on this venture angels appear to take care of us. Last Saturday, Alexis, a VFF student from Wales drove us across the magnificent national park called Brecon Beacons. It looks very much like Colorado above timberline and it was so wonderful to see the local people out in droves enjoying the beauty of Wales. While slurping an ice cream cone, I particularly enjoyed a conversation with a veteran who told me that every year the older vets come to this point to see who can still make it to the top of the mountain (quite a steep climb, I might add).

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The Red Headed Goddess really outdid herself showing us the finest sights in Wales and taking us to some very old coach house restaurants which were over 500 years old. Each of them was adorned with lots of sumptuous hanging baskets full of flowers at the height of their glory, and featured the finest food served in such a tasteful and dignified manner.

The Goddess had arranged for us to tour a delightful Welsh castle on our way to Cardiff, which was truly exquisite. We arrived late in the afternoon to a very warm reception and lots of tea and homemade cakes of all sorts (the kind that are very difficult to resist!).

We then moved upstairs to the mediation room at the Theosophical Society where Master delivered a very clear and powerful message to a room full of people. This was one of those times when the room became so hot with His energy that it was quite palpable. Then came the Q and A part; and I have never experienced any being quite so skillful at handling questions, especially those designed to challenge or to establish the superiority of the questioner.

Many people asked insightful and probing questions and I felt the room’s energy be transformed. The participants were so engaged and energized that we staying another 90 minutes or so having tea. People queued up to ask Kathlyn questions, and those who were the most challenging earlier, seemed transformed and happy while continuing to have lots of meaningful dialogue with Kathlyn.

The next day the Red Headed Goddess had arranged for a special treat for us. Originally it was intended to be another public event, but last minute complications intervened, and so only Ann, Kathlyn, Rose Marie, and I attended what was called a Gong Bath. This extraordinary event facilitated phenomenal healing energy using different sorts of sound from very large gongs, to tiny cymbals, bells, and tuning forks. The effect was very calming, like being in a very deep state of mediation and glorious well-being. It is my hope that at some future event we can arrange for all of you to have this experience.


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Hosted by the Red-Headed Goddess in Wales

This trip seems to be moving very fast! It is difficult to convey to each of you the intensity that is apparent in Glastonbury. It seems as if everything here is amplified: both the light and the dark. I have always had amazing serendipitous experiences there, along with some physical symptoms like feeling a bit dizzy and off balance.

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Master featured chants to both Lakshmi and Tara in his workshop which seemed most appropriate in the land of the Goddess. It seemed like the participants were very receptive to the work and got a great deal out of the experience.

The workshop was held at the Chalice Well which legend has it, is the burial site of the Cup of the Holy Grail. Glastonbury is filled with legends of Joseph of Arimathea bringing Jesus here as a boy, and then returning after his death to bury several relics and start the first Christian church in England.

In the early nineteen hundreds a woman named Alice Buckton, left her position as a head-mistress at a private school for girls in London, and invested her life savings to buy the Chalice Well grounds which she turned into an extraordinary garden and vibrant center for theater and the arts. The gardens have very pure water running throughout them with very high iron content, which people gather up in bottles to take all over the world.

Next door, where we were staying, is the former home of the great occultist and mystical kabbalist, Dion Fortune, who wrote numerous books, most of which are still in print. Dion lived at the base of the Tor, the very large hill towering above Avalon (the ancient name for this area) with the tower remains of a former church perched on top and the famous Tor Maze criss-crossing its hills.

It was really exhilarating to take some of our participants to these vibrant sites. The three Iranians in particular went everywhere with us including a profound visit to Glastonbury Abbey late in the afternoon. As I mentioned in my last article, I couldn’t help but reflect on all our previous trips to this area, and fondly remembered so many of you who visited here with us in the past.

Frankly, all of us felt somewhat relieved to leave the intensity of Glastonbury behind and move west to the peaceful and verdant rolling hills of Wales with those very long and unpronounceable Welsh words all seeming to start with “ll”(pronounced like a very guttural y).

I am sitting at the dining room table in our B and B looking out onto the Wye River and the beautiful rolling hills beyond. (I just took a photo which I will send along with this article so you can see how very beautiful this area really is. The Welch are very friendly and everything has quite a small town feel with lots of homemade little cakes, sandwiches, and many opportunities for a cup of tea.

We arrived two days ago and met our host, Ann Davies-Jones, a very good natured and high energy crone with bright red hair and a deep belly laugh. Ann is surrounded by images of the Masters and has a beautiful glass enclosure with white furniture that she reserves for sacred gatherings.

Last evening Master channeled to a room full of people, some of whom traveled more than five hours to hear Him. Afterwards he answered many profound questions, as these were clearly serious spiritual aspirants. In typical Welsh style we then ate light food and goodies and talked late into the evening.

Today Kathlyn is doing private sessions for interested people and then we have an afternoon off, and are going to visit the exquisite Beacon Beacons National Park, which looks like the Rocky Mountains above timberline.

Franci 9-17-16

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Glastonbury, Yesterday, Today and Forever

This afternoon we arrived in Glastonbury and it really looks very much the same. Soon after we negotiated the very narrow and very steep driveway where we were directed to park, we started walking about the town. Almost immediately countless old memories started flooding my memory bank with many past occurrences in this rather ordinary English town at the base of the Tor where one can easily slip through many veils.

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I found myself reminiscing on the very first time I came to Glastonbury. I was 32 years old and through an amazing set of good luck (way too much to go into at this time) I was fortunate enough to be invited to the 100 Anniversary celebration of Blackwell International, the largest publisher of academic books in the English language. I was given an apartment in Oxford University and wined and dined with librarians and other scholars from all over the world for four days. The whole event culminated with a private chamber concert at Blenheim Palace.

I was there with three other American women and afterwards Richard Blackwell gave us the use of one of his cars for a month and we began the adventure of touring the country driving “English style.” A few days into the tour, one of the women who was reading the guide book, triumphantly announced that we had to go to Glastonbury, as it was a retail center for ladies shoes. It just goes to show, that no matter what continent you are on, women have a very hard time resisting trying on shoes!

And that is how I came to Glastonbury the first time. While the others were going from one shoe shop to another, I was soaking up the High Street, feeling the strange and compelling energy, and noticing the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey just across the street. In the afternoon, I talked the group into going on a guided tour of the Tor, the Abbey, and Chalice Well, and the rest is history. That day really proved to be a defining moment in my life.

Since that time Kathlyn and I have facilitated journeys to Glastonbury for many people on Women’s Mysteries Tours, and today, I find many of them showing up in my mind along with some of the amazing adventures and myriad mysteries that were uncovered on these pilgrimages. Kathlyn has also been the keynote speaker at the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury delivering a paper on Dion Fortune and a second address on the Hopi Kachinas. Another time we brought people to the International Crop Circle Conference and spent several days discovering and walking through these amazing circles. Such rich memories and many of Master’s current students were on one or more of these trips. It would be wonderful if you would care to share a memory or two after this blog post.

Today Glastonbury is known as a Goddess center, and as such, is truly a fitting place for Master/Kathlyn to have their first workshop called, “Invoking the Divine Mother in the Aquarian Age.” Interesting enough, we arrived in a Mercury Retrograde cycle, and also several planets in opposition to each other. An astrologer that I follow in the US says that this is one of the most potent weeks of the year culminating in a full moon on Friday.

I wrote the above two days ago and then the internet went out (I have been told it is quite weak in this part of the city, perhaps the Goddess is not too fond of the internet!) In any event Master gave His first workshop yesterday in the Chalice Well. It was really an international gathering as two people had flown in from South Africa, another was originally from India, now living in England, another had lived in Burma, Singapore, and Shanghai, but had recently returned to England, a Welsh person who had lived in South Africa, Iranians living in Germany, a few English-Canadian blends, and one from Spain who is living in London. How fitting to see this mixture all at the most peaceful of locations, the Chalice Well gardens.

Please stay tuned as we need to check out of the hotel and there is an internet connection down the road at a pub where I hope to send this article.

From the Land of the Goddess,


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Expanded Consciousness at 36,000 Feet

Ever since I can remember, I have always been thrilled by flying. Last night, on my way to London, I found myself reminiscing about my very first flight to New York City when I was about 7 years old. It was a totally different experience then, as everyone really dressed up. I remember wearing white gloves, eating with real silverware on real plates, and being taken into the cabin to meet the pilot and get my special silver wings. He actually let me sit in his seat and look at all the toggle switches. Such innocent times compared with today.

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My idea of bliss is to get a window seat and watch the plane ascend above the pillowy clouds into an expanse of endless blue sky. All the magic seems to be amplified on transatlantic flights. Six hours from New York to London through total darkness. The little screen in front of me tells the whole story. We level off at 38,000 feet, have 98 miles per hour tail winds, travel 625 miles per hour, and sail through the night with no turbulence at all, mostly over water for 3500 miles! Less than 100 years ago, such experience was relegated to science fiction and far beyond the imagination of the masses.

Long before Master shared with us that the Tibetan monks understood that the first opportunity for mind-expansion came at 10,000 feet, I experienced clarity, peacefulness, and insights while flying high above the world that I rarely experienced when I was on terra firma. Undoubtedly, this was the most compelling reason I stepped on a plane with great regularity to experience this magic liminal space

So after months of planning, mostly by Rose Marie Finbow, Kathlyn, Rose Marie, and myself are embarking on an exciting adventure to meet our European constituents and strengthen our international community of Rocky Mountain Estoteric School students. I hope to share this experience with all of you, but first I am long overdue for a good night’s sleep.

Stay Tuned!

Franci Candlin

President and CEO of Vajra Flame Foundation

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Messages From the Archangels, number 4

My name, Uriel, means “Light of God, “ and I have loved humans for millennia. I could offer you many insights on human evolution, since I have witnessed your development over thousands of years. I led the great Patriarch, Abraham; I delivered from on high the message to Noah predicting the great flood. I have interceded on humanity’s behalf many times, and have now the privilege of delivering humans into the Aquarian Age. I serve as planetary midwife to all taking birth in this New Age. Today, I speak to you of beauty.

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At the closing of any great Age, the human psyche is presented with many images. Today, they are captured by the media and flashed into your consciousness with strangely little regard. The process of an Age dying holds numerous similarities to the process of a human death. When the eyes close and the death process begins, as the blood drains from the frontal region of the brain, images of demons and monsters appear before the dying being. As the process continues, these dreadful images fade and are replaced by the arising of beautiful beatific images of all types and traditions.

Beautiful beings, angels, and guides, lead the dying through various stages into a great field of divine light. At this point, one feels suspended in an ocean of love so brilliant as to be utterly unimaginable. The hellish images dissolved, one opens to a vast spaciousness of love and pure consciousness. This process takes only a few minutes, and the journey into the in-between state is launched.

In the case of a dying Age, the hellish images are imprinted in the fertile field of consciousness over decades. You are now in the first stages of a dying Age. Hellish images confront your hearts and minds in a dizzying, and seemingly infinite array. You have not yet enjoyed the bliss of the beautiful images that will eventually arise to guide you into this New Age.

While you are not in control of the process, you are certainly instrumental, or can be, in both the timing and the arrival point where the hellish images fall away from the collective psyche. You do have input into the process, input that is largely determined by the images you entertain in your consciousness. As an Age closes, visionary revelations increase for those able to apprehend them. Beatific imprints are pulsed into human consciousness to interrupt the demonic apparitions they will ultimately replace.

Thus, you must rest in the comforting support of beauty. Surround yourselves with the images that will part the veil and carry you through the maelstrom. You have not been forgotten, nor has the Divine abandoned Earth. You are in the process of rediscovering the many faces of the Divine, and you can facilitate the revelatory process by resting your senses in the many forms of beauty that are encoded with the Presence of the Divine. Feast your eyes on beautiful sights, your ears on beautiful sounds, your smell, taste, and touch with beautiful stimuli.

In like manner, do not receive the many hellish images as if they are real. Treat them as impressions from a nightmare that, when awakened, are released. Look and listen for beauty, breathe it into the core of your being, and know you have many friends among the angelic realm who will guide you into deeper and broader experiences of beauty – if you only ask to be so led. We will greet you in beauty, grace you in beauty, and allow you to rest in beauty. Reach out with the hands of your hearts and accept the gifts we offer you. Above all, walk in beauty and offer beauty to all the sentient beings of Earth.

Archangel Uriel, through Kathlyn

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Messages from the Archangels, number 3

Archangel Raphael’s Message to Humanity at the Dawn of a New Age

I, Raphael, or Israfil, have guided and protected Jewish, Christian, and Islamic pilgrims on holy journeys. I am recognized by all three traditions as a powerful healer, and today, I speak to you of healing. As one spiritual Age closes and another dawns, much healing is required to step safely and prudently from one into the other. The way of the world has always been etched in strife and suffering. As the Piscean Age dissolves and the Aquarian Age dawns, much collective healing is sought by all who are awake enough to make the request.

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What wounds are you, together, trying to heal? Indeed, my friends, they are legion. Most could be categorized as wounds of misapplied power, domination, and the manipulative superimposition of one (person, culture, or nation) over another. These wounds are much more difficult to heal than are the devastations arising from natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, etc. The activities of the elemental forces are in no way “personal,” and thus can be encountered with relative neutrality, even though their affects may be great.

However, human acts of inhumanity, generally wrought upon those possessing less physical or monetary power, constitute quite another matter. This type of wounding cuts to the very soul, making the needed healing a multi-lifetime endeavor. What’s more, it deeply scars the collective integrity of the race or culture so wounded. In the end, those so wounded become the greatest teachers for humanity, for they have borne a great price for the redemption of the collective consciousness.

Just as I stirred the waters in the pool of Bethesda to heal the ill and infirm lowered into that pool, so I must once again stir the waters of afflicted mind. You are all being called to help me with this great and daunting task. To do so, however, you must first cleanse your minds of the negative imprints of the Taurian, Arian, and Piscean Ages. Approximately 5,000 years ago, as legend holds, humans began constructing a tower, one that they intended to take them into heaven. Of course, they did not understand that “heaven” had to be found inside themselves.

Since their goal of ascending into the realms of the Divine was misinformed and misplaced, they created much havoc. In the end, the story holds, the races were divided by language differences, and people, not understanding one another, began to fight and wage war. While this story may be a great oversimplification in many areas, those who consider themselves healers must recognize that perhaps the wounds of that Taurian Age remain unhealed even today. Truly, they render both the wounded and the wounders unfit for the Aquarian Age.

I speak to you of healing, since it is only through healing the past that the future can realize its promise. I speak to you of healing because you must actualize the healing. While your modern technology offers many graces and gifts, it cannot heal the traumas assimilated into the collective consciousness from prior Ages. These must be released, utterly, from the field of the collective psyche. Yet, progression of Ages notwithstanding, the collective need for a new dimension in healing looms large as the Aquarian Age opens.

I call upon all who have adequate maturity to create, and then enter, a new paradigm for healing the collective wounds of planetary experiencing. Remember, real power is found not in the inflicting of wounds, but in their healing and transformation. As humanity negotiates this New Age, may wisdom and clarity be the guiding light and the force for abundant healing.

Archangel Raphael, through Kathlyn

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archangel Gabriel with angel image

Messages From the Archangels, number 2

Archangel Gabriel’s Message to Humanity at the Dawn of a New Age

I speak to you of awakening. The trumpet I blow is an awakening tool. It does not represent sound, although it may be heard. Its blast compels one neither to song nor dance. Like all angels, I am a direct energetic extension of the Divine, sent forth millions of times to facilitate the awakening of pure consciousness in the hearts and minds of humans.

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Of old, I appeared to the prophet Daniel, interpreting and explaining his revelatory visions. I was the “man in linen” referenced in the books of Daniel and Ezekiel. In the Kabalistic mysteries, I held the force of Yesod. Later, I appeared to Zacharias, foretelling the birth of the one who was called “John the Baptizer.” I appeared to the Virgin Mary, predicting the birth of her son, Jesus. I carried messages from the Divine to the great prophet Muhammad. Having been given guardian responsibilities for Paradise, I, too, have remained on the forefront of humanity’s evolutionary curve.

I call upon all who have ears to hear, to awaken now from the sleep of illusions. Reject the tyrannical forces of greed, corruption, and arrogance, and turn your attention to awakening into your greater reality. How shall humanity awaken? Must it be through war and violence? These are risky business, since they may actually strengthen the forces of illusion and delusion. Is there not another way? Delight in goodness, truth, compassion, and strength. Abhor the proliferation of armaments, the destruction of cities, and the shedding of innocent blood.

You have been called to lift yourselves above the terrestrial forces of might and domination. You have been called to a greater glory. You can accept the support of angelic forces so immense and far-reaching you cannot even imagine their collective magnitude. Why, then, o human factor, do ye waste the love and grace of the Infinite in such paltry preoccupations? Why continue the destructive trances of prior Ages? Why call upon one another’s baser natures rather than upon one another’s higher natures? To receive goodness each must supply goodness.

Where is the wisdom gained through the experience of planetary history? Has it, too, been buried among the artifacts of war? What is the wisdom in killing one another when humans could be singing to one another, filling children with laughter and security, rather than wanton destruction, dread, and impoverishment? How has Earth been forced into an antagonistic relationship with Her very own children? Who will care for Earth, securing Her right to peace and wholeness?

You are being called to regenerate the lush beauty and fertility of Earth. You are being called to awaken to a pristine planet steeped in wondrous possibilities for a New Age. Who will answer the call? Who will stand forth sounding the trumpet of awakening? Truly, “many are called, but few will be chosen” (Jesus, Matt. 22:14). The complacent fields of repetition (and) compulsion are familiar and formidable. Will they ultimately lull a sleepy humanity back into stupors of vanity, arrogance, and self-importance? Who among the throngs harkens to the trumpet of awakening, and who will simply remain asleep?

I offer humanity the gift of awakening. Let those who would accept this gift reveal their true intentions, that humanity may enter not another Age of darkness and destruction. Behold, the time of awakening is now. Be not slothful in your spiritual ambitions, but fill the world with the energy of enlightenment.

Archangel Gabriel, through Kathlyn

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Messages from the Archangels

Dear Friends and Students of Master:

I was recently doing some work with the Archangels, and asked if any of them had a message for humanity as we enter the Aquarian Age. Four said that they did. I was asked to present the messages to the world in July, and thus throughout this month, I will share a message each week.

I hope you find these messages inspiring, comforting, and supportive. It seems that we can use all the guidance available to negotiate well this powerful transition. May each of you receive a special blessing as you take in these messages.

Here is the first message from the archangels. These messages are best read slowly in a quiet frame of mind. I found I had to read them three times before my system opened fully to the energy contained, but, when I did, all I can say is, “Wow!” I hope you will find their words inspirational and relevant as we enter the Aquarian Age.

Archangel Michael’s Message to Humanity at the Dawn of a New Age

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I speak to you of truth. As you know from depictions of me over several hundred of years, I am often rendered with certain recognizable symbols. Some people see me as a warrior of great power, since I am often shown with a mighty sword, engulfed is fire or smoke. These images, along with certain levels of dogma, may seem to portray me as the archangel who fights the battles and destroys the enemies of those I love. Yet, this understanding of me is mistaken, for I love all mortal beings.

I am honored in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. For did I not present the ram in the bush as a substitute for the sacrifice of Isaac by his god-fearing father, Abraham? Did I not appear to the prophet Daniel thrice, offering protection for the just in the times of travail? Did I not accompany Joshua? Did I not wrestle with Jacob in his spiritual training? Was I not healer to the early Christians in Phrygia? Am I not patron saint of the Ukraine? Is my name not listed as one of the Mala’ikah who sing the praises of Allah?

I speak to you of truth, because my sword is the Sword of Truth. The demons I am purported to slay are but the raging forces of deceit and falsehood. When stripped of myth, legend, and tradition, I am the holder of Truth for this evolving planet. Yet, what is truth? The three religious traditions that honor me also fight against one another, each holding only its tenets to be the true religion of Earth.

Yet, I say to you that the light of Truth is not divided. Were I to love one tradition above the other two, I could neither hold nor wield the Sword of Truth. During the battle of Jericho, I appeared to Joshua, and when he saw me descending from the skies, he asked which side I took in the battle. To him, I replied, “Neither,” since I was but a spiritual force for the evolutionary movement at that time.

Most people who invoke my presence today do so in their times of fear. They seek from me protection by my mighty sword. Yet, what I offer is the opportunity for each to face his or her inner demons. Those who call on me may rely on my constancy, and may know my love for them, as well as my desire to serve them in their spiritual becoming. Yet, the Sword of Truth does not fight battles against other people or the Earth. Sharp and shining, it is a polished mirror. Rather than an instrument of war, it reflects the wisdom light each person emits. If that light is compromised, so must surely be the path it illumines.

I call upon humanity, the mortal beings that dwell on planet Earth, to take up the Sword of Truth. While it will not win your battles against other humans, it can guide humanity in the ways of justice and peace. This sword is not my sole possession, neither is it a possession at all. It is a reflector of evolving responsibility, a tool wielded by those who would cut through the false light of illusion and deception. When the Sword reflects the divine awareness seeded in all human hearts, only then will “justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream,” as the prophet Amos declared.

I call upon humanity to step outside the field of fighting and claim the potential of this New Age. Step boldly into an Age none before you have known. Live in peace and charity with all other beings, that every race and culture may know and feel the divine indwelling. You were not sent forth from heaven to destroy a planet in perpetual war. Like rays of the sun, you have been sent forth to bless, heal, and promote the flowering of blossoms of love, peace, and justice. Crave not the lust of battle, but enter the field of grace and wisdom.

I offer the gift of my Sword of Truth to all who will meet me in initiatory candidacy. In inner ceremony, we will tap the Essence you took birth to anchor in this physical realm. Let us open the way, reveal the truth, and become the light of Divine Consciousness. It is time, and you are called.

Archangel Michael, through Kathlyn

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Master’s Invocation to End World Poverty

At our Retreat in Breckenridge Master gave us an extraordinary Teaching and asked us to partner with Him in ending world poverty consciousness by reciting the mantra Shreem Brizee. He has asked that we collectively chant 3,000,000 mantras by December 31, 2014. This powerful invocation to end our poverty mentality both internally and externally is Master’s main service emphasis for the remainder of 2014.

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At first Shreem Brizee was confined to my morning and evening recitations, but more recently I find myself hearing it all day long in the recesses of my mind. Yes, I think Shreem Brizee is meant to permeate our consciousness and penetrate the whole world with a new paradigm free of poverty with all its manifestations and limitations.

I can’t image a mandate with more universal appeal than Master’s invocation to gather thousands of people chanting Shreem Brizee. Yes, that my vision, thousands of people joining with us from all from all over the world. Right now we have over 100 people who have collectively chanted over 2,000,000 mantras. That is terrific; however, let’s take this to a new level.

Please consider e-mailing your friends about this service, sending them the link to the YouTube, and asking them to keep track of the number of mantras they chant. How about having a gathering at your home with friends and family for an evening of group chanting over the holidays, or even adding it on to other festivities for a few minutes. Also the virtual possibilities are almost endless. Please share this on your Facebook pages or other similar sites.

Yesterday I was listening to one of the recent TOM’s where Master was reiterating how many times He has told us the He loves us…..literally countless thousands of times. Now He is asking for committed partnership from us to spread His message throughout the world. Please take a few minutes from your busy Holiday schedule to partner Him. What could be more important for world enlightenment than a world where poverty consciousness in all its manifestations fades into the past?

Shreem Brizee,

Franci Candlin

President and CEO, VFF

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Did You See Her Last Night?

Did you? I saw her everywhere – in the chanting of countless devotees following behind her likeness, in the dancing troupes who honored her, in the faces of little children dressed in costume and mesmerized by the whole event. She is definitely a lady who shines in the darkness and manifests after dark; a genuine lady of the night.

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Last night we joined hundreds of people paced by musicians and a loud, compelling drum beat as we carried our candles and sang to the virgin who first appeared to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin on a hill outside Mexico City in December, 1531. Legend has it that she filled his cloak with elegant roses in December as proof of her presence. She also asked him to build a church on that location and dedicate it to her.

I have had the privilege of visiting Guadalupe twice and found it to be a life-altering event both times. A place of genuine devotion which speaks to the hearts and minds of humble people who are not afraid to kneel before her, often making the last part of the trip on their knees. According to Wikipedia, the Guadalupe Basilica can hold over 50,000 people and attracts over 22,000,000 pilgrims a year. The only other place where I have seen such a complete act of surrender to the Divine was in Tibet, especially at the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa.

Santa Fe is the final destination of the famous trading route that went from Mexico City to the northern outpost of Mexico in what is now northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The devotion here is palpable where prayers and jubilant music stir deep passions for the virgin of the Americas who resembles the native people of Mexico.

She is so alive all over the Southwest, in large cities and small towns. I went to honor her every year when I lived in Denver and the festival atmosphere at the church named for her, filled with lots of food in the courtyard, vibrant mariachi bands, and thousands of people jamming the church during the 7 or 8 services that it took to accommodate all of them, will always linger in my mind. In Denver, as in Santa Fe, thousands of bouquets of roses are placed around her statue in her honor.

For me, one of the most touching parts was seeing the novios (boyfriends and girlfrends) “dressed to the nines” heading up to the altar to offer their roses and then stand proudly in front of her statue while three generations of adoring relatives snapped lots of photos. Another variation on this display of family comeraderie is all the little boys dressed in red bandanas with mustaches painted on their faces, who are transformed into little Juan Diegos, and all the little girls in very fancy, frilly dresses with their hair pulled up, and who have become little Guadalupes.

If you missed her last night, please look for her tonight. Look for her in the glorious moon and in the faces of ordinary families who know that Guadalupe is their Divine Mother, upon whom they can call upon in their hour of need. She is vigorous. She is vibrant. She is no bland Madonna but rather the Great Mother who can really be counted upon. She is the Patron Madonna of the Americas.

So when the sun sets in the next few days and darkness falls across the land, look for her. I guarantee she will be looking for you! Enjoy the serendipity and Viva Mexico!

Franci Candlin

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For Mike Brown

by Danez Smith

I’m sick of writing this poem, but bring the boy.

His new name, his same old body, ordinary black dead thing, bring him.

And we will mourn until we forget what we are mourning

and isn’t that what being black is about?

Not the joy of it, but the feeling when you’re looking at your child, turn your head,

then poof, no more child.

That feeling. That’s black.

Think, once a white girl was kidnapped and that’s the Trojan War.

Later up the block, Troy got shot and that was Tuesday.

Are we not worthy of a city of ash,

of a thousand ships launched because we are missed?

I demand a war to bring the black boy back no matter what his name is this time.

I at least demand a song. A song will do. Or a head.

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I transcribed the words of this poem from a short video clip I found in the aftermath of young Michael Brown’s killing. You can watch Smith’s powerful and moving recitation. Simply go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujxShArG7Ks .

If you are black, the words of this poem probably sound and feel depressingly familiar. We whites have no idea what it is like to carry the heaviness of this reality. It is a reality for far too many Americans. After all, we are all supposed to be living in “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” as our national anthem reminds us. Free, perhaps; but freedom does not necessarily bring justice, does it?

I have ached so deeply at the events arising in cities around the U.S. these past few weeks. On the one hand, I am glad that the racial inequities in our “justice” system are being so blatantly laid bare. On the other hand, I am deeply saddened and outraged at the personal cost to families of unarmed victims, some, mere children, who have been so casually slain. The brutality we have all witnessed is utterly sickening, and it leaves us with a very important question to answer: how are we going to stop this insanity? After all, the kid with the toy gun was not even told to drop the thing before being mercilessly gunned down!

I don’t know what any of you saw in that video of the capture of Eric Gardner, but for me, it revealed the shocking energy of a big game hunt being carried out by a gang of street thugs. Oh, yes, I know, “It’s a dangerous world out there,” and these brave men are putting their lives on the line for the rest of us each and every day. I’m sorry, but it just did not look that way to me. And, for what? Eric was accused of illegally selling a few cigarettes. Even if that charge is true, wouldn’t a small fine have better served justice?

We whites have been narcissistically slow to let in the extent of racism in our great American society. After WWII, some historians have pointed fingers of blame at Germans for looking away as the actions of Hitler grew stronger and more pervasive. After all, life in Germany prior to the war was quite comfortable. The Germans, just like us, were nice people, invested in viewing the world as a nice, safe place. Who knows? Perhaps they were saying their positive affirmations and thinking only uplifting thoughts. In any event, they were unable to see the monster rising right in their presence.

Perhaps it was their collective social decency that made it impossible for them to grasp the growing evidence that their leaders were less decent than themselves. While Jews were rounded up, imprisoned, and tortured, many Germans tried to go about their familiar daily lives simply not looking at the ugly truth. Yet, if we criticize the German populace of some 80 years ago, what shall we say of ourselves?

We have trained minorities to also be “nice,” haven’t we? We (whites) have made it clear that we will not listen if they are angry, belligerent, or preach at us. After all, nice people do not protest, angry people protest, and we certainly do not want angry minorities, do we? I have thought so much of Michael Brown’s mother. In the midst of her immeasurable pain, she was quite poised in all those interviews by white people. Of course, the interviewers didn’t kill her son, but it was often clear that they were incapable of going to her world – the world of the “ordinary back dead thing,” as Danez Smith so poignantly noted.

I watched an interview of Leslie McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr. hosted by Charlie Rose. Both parents were exceedingly poised, although at the end of the interview, Michael was mute and Leslie looked utterly devastated, as she fought back tears. While Charlie Rose tried to be sensitive with what must have been a difficult interview for him, as well, it was also clear that he, too, could not feel the weight they carried – not just for their son, but for far too many young black men, who are 21 times as likely to be killed by officers of the law as young white men. We’ve all heard the statistics bantered by the talking heads, but we whites have no idea what those statistics mean at a collective emotional level for our brothers and sisters of color. Here is the link to the full interview with Charlie Rose http://www.charlierose.com/watch/60482384

In the aftermath of the Ferguson Grand Jury’s decision, and the violence that followed, I was aghast when several white folks asked, “Why would they do this to their own community?” Here’s a clue: they were angry, and steeped in a collective sense of injustice! As we all know, anger doesn’t always follow “nice” avenues, does it? While I certainly don’t condone the Ferguson violence, I do understand it. Where can a community go with its collective anguish and outrage when holding a sense of justice denied? I haven’t figured where to go with my own anguish and outrage, and I didn’t lose a son to police bullets!

Perhaps the real question is how to use all the energy of collective outrage, anger, and anguish to transform social inequities. Maybe more of us nice white folk need to engage our anger and wage a campaign to clean up the overreaching brutality of some police officers, often for very minor transgressions. Now, there is plenty of white anger that I don’t want to encourage, like anger at black people, or brown immigrants, or anger at having to pay taxes. What I do want to encourage is the type of anger that is sometimes called, “righteous indignation.” You know, it is the kind of anger Jesus displayed when casting the moneychangers out of the temple.

Can we raise a force of righteous indignation at a system of racial injustice powerful enough to change that system? How many of you are joining peaceful protests in your respective regions? How many of you are writing letters to the editorial section of your local newspapers? Indeed, what are we doing? Shouldn’t we be tired of staying silent? Are we tired, indeed sick and tired, of collaborating with a system driven by a power-over mentality? What will it take to get us there?

I think of the tragic shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in Cleveland. They were scared of an encounter with the cops and were fleeing the police when their car backfired. This event spooked the cops in pursuit who, thinking they heard a gunshot, returned the backfire of the car with 137 bullets, 24 of which riddled Malissa’s face and torso. The provocative fact here is that the unbridled shooting happened after dispatchers had instructed the officers not to give chase! (See: www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2012/12/cleveland_police_ordered_to_te.html) Should this not tap our collective righteous indignation?

Lest I leave the impression I don’t like cops, let me say that I recognize there are many great cops diligently committed to serving and protecting. Indeed, most police men and women never fire their guns in the line of duty. I’d like to think that had these cops been on duty in the tragic cases we have all witnessed, the results would have been different. I was interested to learn the incidents of police shootings in other countries. According to the FBI, in 2013 there were 461 “justifiable homicides” by police in 2013. The actual number was probably higher, since many law enforcement agencies do not report to the FBI database.

Contrast this with the fact that in Great Britain, there were no fatal police shootings in 2013. In Germany, the police have killed eight people in the past two years, while in Canada, police average about a dozen killings per year. These statistics, while they do not show deaths of blacks vs. whites, do offer a shocking revelation to which all of us who value liberty and justice should pay attention. (See: www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/eugene-robinson-its-a-crime-that-we-dont-know-how-many-people-police-shoot-to-death/2014/12/01/adedcb00-7998-11e4-b821-503cc7efed9e_story.html.)

Statistics aside, the culture of violence that has arisen in this nation must change. While I may not have the full formula intact, I do believe we must “be the change we want to see in the world.” Friends, it matters!

I have been recovering from hip surgery these past three weeks, with a lot of bed time during the first two weeks. Thus, I have had ample time to follow talking heads, interviews, blogs, and newscasts. At one point, on November 25th, I switched to BBC News to see what was going on in the rest of the world. The final segment was on the valiant people who are doing an Occupy movement in Hong Kong. Most are young business professionals who have pitched tents in front of Chinese government buildings to protest China’s refusal to allow free and open elections. From this report, I switched backed to local (Denver) news. The final story on the local scene was of a man who had set up a campsite outside Best Buy so he could be the first to enter the store on November 28th – Black Friday.

He was willing to sit there through the two days and three nights in order to claim whatever prize would be awarded to the first to enter the store on the big sale day. I wondered if he even knew about the campers in Hong Kong. The irony of relevance in these two cases struck home powerfully. Meanwhile, in other U.S. cities, black protesters were requesting the rest of us not to shop on Black Friday so as to create an economic impact in the face of U.S. racial inequality. I was moved to enter solidarity with these protestors.

While I haven’t heard whether there was actually a recognizable economic impact from our efforts, my choice at least offered a point for engaging my righteous indignation. In the end, I agree with Danez Smith: we must “bring back the black boy.” He deserves the right to live his life. While we cannot bring back the tragic lives lost to overreaching police force (some would say domination), we can bring meaning to their interrupted lives.


In addition to blogging, Kathlyn Kingdon, in partnership with Master Djwhal Khul, releases a new audio recorded Teaching-of-the-Month each month. These teachings offer valuable, practical insights and guidance for students on the spiritual path. Interested? Go to http://www.masterdk.com/master-djwhal-khul-teaching-of-the-month Or sign up for Free Daily Thoughts of spiritual inspiration from Djwhal Khul on Kathlyn’s www.MasterDK.com website

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Dancing with the Death Sorcerer

This weekend is the Dia de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, celebration in the Southwest. For three days, October 31, November 1 and November 2 both the sacred and the profane are amplified. While many folks visit the graves of relatives and honor their memories, others “defy” death with a pageant -like atmosphere, painting their faces like skeletons, and parading Nuestra Senora De La Muerte (Our Lady of the Holy Death) clad in a long robe holding a scythe and a globe. La Muerte, as she is affectionately called in Mexico, is a sort of unofficial “patron saint” of the outcast and disenfranchised.

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Last night my door was deluged with trick-or-treaters. Little princesses, goblins, ghosts, and many variations of dark creatures knocked at the door. For every little one, watched over by a proud parent, there were also bands of teen-agers caught between childhood and adulthood hanging onto this spooky ritual.

Catholics recognize November 1 as All Saints Day, a holy day that honors those who achieve the beatific vision. Wikipedia defines this vision as “the ultimate direct self-communication of God to the individual person.” This state of pure bliss and unity seems very similar to an enlightenment experience to me.

November 2 is commemorated as All Souls Day, or a day to honor our deceased loved ones. In many traditions the emphasis is also on saying special prayers for the departed loved ones so that they can be released from purgatory and experience paradise.

Each year as we enter the darkest time of the year, countless cultures around the globe pay homage to the many layers of reality that exist beneath the surface of our everyday existence. As Master has said many times, this is the year that we will all dance with the death sorcerer. At this special time when the veils are thin, let us pause for a few minutes to remember our special loved ones who have gone before us and all the aspects of our ego identity that have died this year.

Franci Candlin

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Shreem Brizee


Tibetan Buddhists believe that spinning mantras on traditional prayer wheels have the same benefits as orally reciting prayers. We invite you to select a mantra. As the prayer wheel spins, sense the mantra's energy permeating your consciousness, and then being sent out to the world through you.

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"Abundance flows from the throne of the Divine."

Associated with the Goddess Lakshmi, this mantra acts as a powerful invocation for an abundant life, including prosperity, health, greater opportunities, and general good fortune.

“The jewel of the lotus descends to the heart.”

An invocation applied to open the heart, deepen and expand heart consciousness, and progress into full enlightenment.

“With bowed heart I go to Lord Ganesha, requesting that all obstacles be removed from the path before me."

Associated with the Hindu Deity Ganesha, this mantra is used as an invocation to remove obstacles and manifest good beginnings and favorable circumstances for a project or intention.