The Great Leap: from Fear into Grace

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The Great Leap: From Fear into Grace

The teaching Master is recommending for this month is the teaching He authored for January of 2016.  Master begins this teaching with a priceless quote from Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Of course, Master asks us to actually believe the quote and direct our lives accordingly, rather than just clinging to the pithiness it offers. On page 3 of the transcript, He noted that the year just passing “provided quite a global journey, didn’t it?” He went on to say that at the close of 2015, the world “ached in the wake of chaos and violence . . .” a fact we can surely relate to at the closing of 2023.

While we may be taken aback at the tumultuous nature of life on planet Earth today, we should definitely follow Master’s advice to make the coming year a more wholesome experience for all Earth offspring.

Like many of you, perhaps, I have struggled with how to “hold” the staggering violence inflicted in the activities of war. The news clips from Ukraine and Gaza are shocking and horrifying. How is it that in the 21st century, no less, highly trained negotiators and international peacekeepers cannot find a way to mitigate the craziness of today’s power-mongers?

Someone recently mentioned that perhaps these wars are necessary to clear away the energy of the prior couple of astrological ages. For me, this stance completely misses the point since today’s wars only seem to reinforce the destructive ambitions of prior ages. Indeed, Masters description of wars in the Age of Aries (p. 6) sounds all too familiar, since the very same could be said of the wars marring the planet today, with wanton destruction of both lives and the very possibility of eking out a life amidst acres of rubble. Looking through a much more powerful lens than we seem to have access to, Master weaves a story of planetary metamorphosis (pp. 7 and 8). He ends (p. 9) with this powerful paragraph:

"You don’t have to have all the answers now. In fact, that would be impossible. You are in the process of creating those answers, and while you may not have any idea, at least at this point, as to how the assignment will be completed, nor all the twists and turns required as you move along the path, begin the journey anyway. Remember you are the ones for whom you have been waiting. You are the ones sent forth to create a New Age; you are the ones who came to love this planet into wholeness. Indeed, you are the ones for whom you have been waiting. Know this and accept the fact that, as I said earlier, you are up to the task. Were you not, you simply wouldn’t be here. So, while it may be tempting for some of you to want to move back on to your couches of denial, let’s try something else. Let’s stand forth in the truth of who you really are and let’s make a difference on planet Earth. You can all love a little more; you can all be a little more patient; you can all be a little more accepting, and you can raise the frequency of planetary experiencing."

Indeed, we can all aspire to rising into a little more greatness!

May this year surround and shower you with a continual flow of blessings.

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