The Divine Expressing through the Plant Kingdom

Hello and welcome to Spring — at least here in the northern hemisphere. Does it seem to as if winter was longer than usual this year? It does to me. While this notion may not technically be true, my subjective sense of it has made the longing for Spring all the more precious. Some of you are likely turning over the soil in your gardens by now. It is a bit early for that annual rite here in the Colorado mountains. Yet, in a few more weeks, many of us will have dirt under our fingernails after touching the yielding soil, moist from the recent snow melt, as we begin clearing our garden beds. Indeed, the pure freshness of Spring makes this time of year most exhilarating.

In alignment with Spring’s arrival, Master selected one of the lectures from His recent on-line course, Spiritualizing Matter, for our focus this month, April 2024. The second lecture, or class, is entitled, “The Divine Expressing through the Plant Kingdom.” While most of us believe that the Divine surely does express Itself through the abundant beauty of plants, we probably do to think about this mystery very often—well, perhaps we do in Spring. Master thought those of us who love plants might find this teaching both educational and inspirational, and I can certainly see why He chose it. The lecture is filled with interesting facts and surprising revelations about trees. Indeed, it a perfect teaching for the time when fresh sap is rising in our trees, and they are budding and putting on new foliage. For those who did not take this course, you are in for a real treat!

This teaching is a masterpiece (no pun intended), and in it, Master reveals how we can experience the Presence of the Divine smiling at us through the plant we experience day-to-day. To those of you who took the course, I truly hope you will revisit this powerful teaching and not simply rely on your memory of the class, since I’m sure there is more richness to harvest. In this teaching, Master will draw you back into Nature as you set about “spiritualizing matter,” indeed, green matter. This lecture teaches us to be utterly grateful for having found a physical home on a planet that hosts such incredible beauty and richness, and in all its kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, and human). It improbably a rare occurrence when humans even consider the spiritual life of trees, or their service to us, for the matter.

Enjoy this deep dive into the life of trees and be prepared to take in a dose of pure wonder. There is just something special about the prima vera, or “first greening,” we are privileged to witness each Spring. Perhaps this thrill is due, at least in part, to the joyous treat of new life bursting forth after the dormancy of winter. Happy Spring!



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