March 2024 Recommended Monthly Teaching


Welcome to the month of March! I hope this month’s energies will greet each one of us with freshness and renewed life force. After all, spring is approaching (at least in the northern hemisphere) so let’s all invoke a fresh season of re-invigoration. Let’s all pay close attention as new life emerges in the plant kingdom. In fact, Master noted that this would be a great time to review the teaching from the second class of Tantra-II, where He took us on a deep dive into how the Divine manifests Itself via the plant kingdom. For those of you who did not actually take the course, I urge you to search out the Divine Presence in all life as you move into the glorious display of colors and fragrances that is spring.

For our shared teaching this month, Master has recommended another of His truly magnificent teachings. While I won’t go into comparing mind between the teaching offered last month and the one, He has selected for this month, in my own mind, both are exceedingly beautiful and powerful. This month, we will bring our shared focus to, A Golden Age, which was initially offered in May of 2014. His heart-opening description of how deeply touched He remembers being, when He was in human form, by the seasonal changes is exquisite. He goes on to note His recalled impressions of Divine Mother revealing Herself in the magic of the seasons. Hearing His words, I, too, was deeply touched.

He moves next into His perspective on the diversity that exists among humans, some of which is due merely to the fact that we live on different parts of the planet. While this fact is not something to which I have given a lot of thought, Master’s words weave a beautiful tapestry that actually pays tribute to diversity. I was struck by a recognition that so often, we humans use diversity as an excuse for displaying our prejudices or as a source for polarization and division. Surely, in light of our budding enlightenment, we must learn to step beyond such pettiness. Over the years, I have often noticed that one of Master’s remarkable gifts to us is His patience in consistently revealing a vaster picture than we normally hold in the more limited regions of our ego consciousness. Indeed, this entire teaching is a profound invitation into vastness.

Master’s careful path-laying takes us into a powerful teaching on the return of Buddha Consciousness to Earth. Many of you may recall that this event was predicted over 2500 years ago, and the year foreseen was 2017. This teaching is the first of Master’s formalized teachings of that cosmic event, and He speaks of several accompanying phenomenological possibilities involving Earth, the Sun, the Solar System, and even the Galaxy. I know you will all love this teaching, and I think it should prompt us to look back to 2017 and reflect on the events of that year. In truth, 2017 likely appeared to most of us as anything but a year of elevated spiritual energies. Of course, the chaos we all witnessed then may have been a collusion of darker elements reacting to a burst of Great Light. I think each of us will have to evaluate that for ourselves.

Perhaps this teaching can serve to refocus us all on the greater importance of this remarkable time. I am reminded of Christopher Frye’s poem, “The Sleep of Prisoners,” which Master has often quoted to us. The second stanza goes like this:

"Thank God our time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul man ever took."
I don’t generally give thanks for the privilege of experiencing what is “wrong” with this time. Yet, it is a privilege to be awake enough to notice, isn’t it? It seems there are so many points for awakening these days, and the last line to this poem says it all: “But will we wake, for pity sake?”

Sending thought-provoking blessings,

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