A New Look at an Old Theme - June 2024 Recommended Teaching

Precious friends and students of Master, how quickly another month is upon us. As June opens, most of us are deeply saddened by the state of affairs in the world at large. Warring and armed conflagrations abound, and the blood of innocent people penetrate the ground of planetary life. Truly, these are bizarre and inexplicable times. In seeking solace for the mental anguish these events trigger, I am reminded of one of the most beloved teachings of the Master Jesus. It begins with the words, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” In using this term, he was surely referring to the innocents of the world, those who are essentially peace-loving and could never perpetrate violence against another person. In his so-called Sermon on the Mount, he also blessed those who mourn, the meek, those who “hunger and thirst for righteousness,” the merciful, the pure in heart and peacemakers.

While I do not often quote New Testament scriptures, I do contemplate the destructive forces being unleashed upon today’s “poor in spirit.” Indeed, the old Piscean dynamic of warring oppression is very much alive, revealing some of the pernicious karma that is now ripening. I recently spoke with a friend of many years who confessed a great fear at living in a time that threatens life and limb for many, as well as political instability and individual insecurity for many more. Indeed, the relative degree of planetary unpredictability has become unsettling for young and old alike.

Thus, it seems fitting that Master would recommend a teaching for our consideration that addresses fear. A New Look at an Old Theme was originally given in September of 2011, a year that, in comparison to 2024, looks pretty tame. Of course, it did not seem so at that time. Indeed, bearing witness to the process of establishing a new paradigm has reinforced the fact that the lesson underlying all others (at least during the Age of Pisces) has been one of courage. In the teaching recommended for this month, Master does not use the word “courage,” but rather “fearlessness.” How better to face the challenges of our time than with fearless hearts and determined minds.

I hope this teaching speaks deeply to us all,

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